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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a process for cultivating one’s life purpose and life fulfillment. For many, the learning and becoming of our true selves is manifested through our relationships at home and at work.

Life Coaching is listening. A life coach listens, reflects back and asks the coachee: “What do you notice?” and “What do you want?”

When I work with clients, whether at their job or privately at home, we begin with noticing what is true in the present moment. Once a client is committed to the process, we craft a program together that is logistically and productively created to suit his or her personal needs.

“Our coaching sessions are a staging ground from where I can conduct my life with courage and integrity. A case in point is my dream of creating a company with an inspiring mission, solid values, measurable goals, and the strategies to accomplish them. In placing the necessary actions steps immediately into date and time slots in my calendar my follow-through and success rate have increased dramatically.”

Dianne Larson, CEO, Minerva Medical Communications

“Within ten minutes, in our first coaching session, Rob pointed out things about me that I had never even noticed (notions in my head that he heard while I spoke) that have interfered with my ability to set and meet challenging goals. He asks brilliant questions that help me to clarify what I want and show me how to get out of my own way. Rob is committed to the service of inspiring and empowering clients to explore and manifest what’s possible.”

Jill Suskind, English teacher, Life coach