Coach Training

The word “coach” has become ubiquitous, but what does it mean? For a very long time in American culture, we have celebrated the most famous and electrifying coaches in football and other sports. Known for their team-building, determination, and success strategies, many coaches have reached “rockstar” status. In our corporate and day-to-day life, we now realize the key elements of successful coaching can serve goal-achievement of all kinds.

In a high-stress world of constant change, we humans hunger for both compassionate understanding and a positive, guiding force along our path.

Have you considered that you and/or others you know might be that positive, guiding force? If you want to be a life and/or business coach, we will custom-make a training program for you.

Rob is uniquely suited to train you to be the coach you want to be. He has 40 years of experience in hiring, firing, and developing leaders in his own small businesses, and has coached managers and executives from all sectors of the economy. Rob has appeared on many traditional and social media platforms, sharing his insights and suggestions with highly receptive audiences. He holds a Master’s Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the University of Massachusetts and has studied with Roger Fisher, Getting to Yes, at The Harvard Negotiation Project.

Please reach out to Rob, president of Cambridge Coaching Collaborative, so we can discuss your coaching training needs, for you personally or for your organization generally., 617-491-8939, or on LinkedIn