About Rob

Executive Coach | Business Coach| Life Coach | Certified Mediator | Crisis Intervention Counselor

For over 30 years, Rob Kanzer has helped others be happy and successful through mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, and personal coaching. In groups and in one-to-one coaching sessions, Rob teaches people to clarify their purpose and move toward action with skills that can be used effectively right away.

Trained and Certified in Crisis Intervention Counseling and Mediation, Rob holds a Master’s Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the University of Massachusetts and has studied with Roger Fisher, Getting to Yes, at The Harvard Negotiation Project. As President of Cambridge Coaching Collaborative, Rob coaches global executives and individual clients, facilitates difficult meetings, co-hosts retreats, and trains people in government.

Cambridge Coaching Collaborative provides presentations to facilitate dialogue and encourage powerful conversation. Through exercises custom-designed to create a working culture that utilizes everyone’s special talents, participants in groups and private sessions practice honest, empathetic speaking and listening. The benefits of communicating in this clear and direct way include improved relationships and mental wellness, increased energy and motivation, and achievement of personal and professional goals.

Rob has achieved great results in helping people get what they want in life. In his dynamic, interactive Five Steps for Success: A Dialogue Model that Works! Rob demonstrates how to change your thinking and speaking to unleash the energy and wisdom to create the changes you seek at home, at work, and in the world.

Rob’s specialties include:

Deep Listening | Leadership Development and Goal Achievement for Executives and Teams; Powerful Facilitator for Meetings and Retreats | Crisis Intervention Counseling | Radical Honesty |Men’s Communication | Nonviolent Communication | Conflict Resolution | Negotiation | Mediation | Trusted Confidant | Holistic Approach to Problem Solving and Positive Action Performance